Warranty & Complaint Resolution Policies

Unfortunately, components sometimes fail, or something might go wrong with an installation.  For these reasons we have policies to maximise a good outcome for our customers.  These policies change from time to time.  Please check the website occassionally for updates. 

We endeavor to source products from manufacturers that offer a warranty for their products as well as the labour to replace them.


Reputable Suppliers

Some of the suppliers we have had positive dealings with are listed below:


Voltex manufactures many electrical accessories and lights.  They also often cover our time in replacing a faulty product.  Many of their products (switchgear) carry a 25 year warranty (downlights 7 years).

Goodwe (click link for details)

Goodwe Australia  are starting (2021) to offering a 10 year warranty on their grid tied inverters (up to 5 on their battery inverters).  Though the warranty starts from 6 months after manufacture or installation if earlier, so if the inverter has been sitting in the warehouse for a long time, you may not be getting a full 5 year warranty.  As a CEC Solar Retailers, we am required to offer a 5 year warranty, hence why we try to stear clear of GoodWe’s battery inverters (despite their good value) and promote their grid tied inverters (good value + good warranty).  There are specific requirements to obtain there warranty.  Please confirm that you have met those requirements by following the blue GoodWe link above and reading further.  In our experience they have been very good to deal with.


Fronius inverters are quick to change over and they are know for their customer service.  Please make sure you register any extended warranty soon after installation.   They have been offering a standard 5 year warranty, plus a bonus offer up to 10 years.  You  have option to pay for a longer warranty.  Fronius Gen24 Plus inverters are our prefered hybrid inverter because of their superior warranty.

Selectronic (click link for details)

Selectronic SP Pro inverters just seem to keep going, but we have included a link above if you have any issues.  They also have specific requirements for their 10 year warranty (connection of an SP Link or purchase of their Power Assist addon).  Please also register your inverter soon after installation.


Solar Panels & Racking

After your system is commissed you should have received details concerning its maintenance.  Some panel and solar racking manufacturers require evidence that you have maintained your system.  Please keep records to that affect in case of a warranty claim.   Clenergy and Jiangyin Titanergy (Titan) have a 10 year warranty on their domestic products.  Sunlock offer a 20 year warranty on their commerical tilt systems that we may use if the site is subject to more extreme conditions.

If the system is grid connected the Power Networks also require annual tests to be conducted (e.g., Anti-islanding).  It may be worth  while getting a qualified technician to carry out annual checks on your system for safety and manufacturer warranty purposes.

Our policies do not exclude you from any of your rights under Australian Consumer Law.

ACCC Website (click link for details)

Solar Victoria Guarantee (CEC Solar Retailer Code of Conduct)

Installations we complete under the Victorian Government’s Solar Victoria Program (2021) entitle you to a five year warranty on parts and labour.  This guarantee is applicable to solar and battery installations only.  Solar Victoria requires participants (Solar Retailers) to be signaturies of  CEC (Clean Energy Council) Solar Retailer Code of Conduct.  You will be alerted as to whether we are signaturies to the CEC Solar Retailer Code of Conduct at the time we provide the quote or you can search for Reliable Power using the CEC Approved Solar Retailer Search Tool.  Links to the CEC Retailer Search Page and the aforementioned agreement are included below.

CEC Retailer Search

 CEC Solar Retailer Code of Conduct (click link for details)

(Full details concerning your guarantee should be provided with your quote.  The C.E.C. has developed a Solar PV Sales and Installation Agreement, with some of the guarantee details summarised in the content below)

The CEC Solar Retailer Code of Conduct Guarantees

(a)                our workmanship, and the workmanship of our contractors, in installing the System; and

(b)                the operation and performance of the System,

will be free from fault or defect for a period of 5 years commencing on the date the System is installed (Guarantee Period), and we will repair any such default or defect notified to us within the Guarantee Period, including by replacing all or part of the System where necessary, within a reasonable timeframe at no cost to you.

             The guarantee will not apply where:

(a)                the fault or defect is not notified to us within the Guarantee Period; or

(b)                the fault or defect is a result of:

(i)                 something done by you or someone else, and not us or our contractors; or

(ii)               something beyond human control that occurred after installation, e.g., an extreme weather event;

(iii)             the System being misused, abused, neglected or damaged after installation;

(iv)             the System being maintained other than in accordance with the Maintenance Documents; or

(v)               the System being repaired, modified, reinstalled or repositioned by anyone other than a service technician approved by us in writing.


What this guarantee means is that we will deal with faults and issues, not hand ball them off to another company even if it is a manufacturer fault, provided you haven’t contributed to the problem.  For that five years we are the ones that deal with any issues.  This is part of the reason why we really encourage customers to choose products from reputable suppliers.

Please contact us using the contact details on your invoice and we will endeavor to respond within five days of receiving the complaint or concern.  Please refer to the attached Detailed Complaints Handling and Warranty Policies for further information.


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