Fronius Primo with 3 Strings on Stand Alone Installation

Many inverters have two maximum power point trackers.  Usually you can only have one array (group of panels facing a direction) per tracker.  This Fronius inverter allows you you have an array on the East and on the West, as well as on the North, therefore maximising the power generated throughout the day.

Alternatively, if you were only home in the afternoon, you would choose to have panels on the West.  For most systems, we aim to have the panels North/West and North/East to maximise the PV when customers are home. If you wanted to export most of your power or fill up a large battery bank, the North may be more suitable.

Fronius Symo Gen24 Grid Connect or Hybrid Inverter

This Fronius Symo Gen24 supplies up to 3kW of power (provided the solar is generating enough) to the red power point when the mains fails.  This function is enabled even when no batteries are installed.

Fronius also make a single phase Primo that has the same option.

Unlike many conventional passively air cooled inverters, the Fronius has a replaceable fan that prevents it from becoming very hot.

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