Complaints Handling Procedure & Policy

Purpose of this policy

Reliable Power (ABN: ***********) endeavours to address complaints and concerns fairly, efficiently and effectively.  This policy provides guidance to our staff, management and customers to encourage a good outcome for all parties involved.  If we have not handled something well, we like to hear about it and improve our practices.  This policy in particular, addresses what to do in relation to a complaint concerning our workmanship or the product we have installed.  If the problem has not been rectified at the outset, we can then progress it to the complaints handling procedure as outlined in the following document.

Making a complaint

We take the handling of complaints very seriously and endeavour to rectify any concerns or issues promptly.  If you have a complaint relating to our Electrical Installation, the installed PV or Battery System, or our Contract, Procedures or Advertising Material generally, you can make a complaint to us by:

(a)                calling us on our telephone number as set out on your invoice and notifying us that you would like to make a formal complaint;

(b)                contacting us using the form on our website at;

(c)                 giving us written notice of this, by post or email.

We will handle your complaint in accordance with our standard complaint procedure. If we have volunteered to be bound by the CEC Solar Retailer Code of Conduct at the time of your installation, and the work relations to a solar or battery installation, then these procedures will comply with that Code, and with the Australian Standard on Complaints Handling AS ISO 10002-2006.

Our complaints handling procedure as outlined below, primarily deals with notifying you throughout the process and keeping you informed.  However, we also accept anonymous complaints, and will carry out an investigation.  If you don’t want us to notify staff or third parties, such as wholesaler, of the complaint, please notify us of this requirement.  We want you to be a happy customer, so we prefer it if you tell us who you are in order to provide a good resolution.

Our Complaints Handling Procedure

1)       On receiving a complaint, we will log the complaint and begin an investigation within five business days.

2)      Relevant parties (staff, contractors, sales personal) shall be notified of the complaint.

3)      The complainant shall be notified that we have received the complaint within five business days of receiving the complaint.

4)      Feedback on the outcome of the complaint shall be provided withing 21 business days of receipt.

If additional time is required to address the complaint the complainant shall be notified within the 21 business days.

The investigation must be completed within 45 days of receipt of the complaint.

5)       If you escalate the complaint to Energy Safe Victoria or one of the consumer affairs bodies as listed below, and they notify us of the complaint, we shall notify the Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct Administrator of the complaint within 10 business days of receiving the complaint while we are signatories to the CEC Solar Retailer Code of Conduct.

6)       Records will be kept of the complaint and the outcome for five years for administration purposes.


If you are still not satisfied

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can refer the complaint to the relevant Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs office in your state or territory, as follows:

NSW:    Fair Trading
Phone: 13 32 20

SA:         Consumer and Business Services
Phone: 13 18 82

Tas:        Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading
Phone: 1300 654 499

Vic:        Consumer Affairs
Phone: 1300 558 181

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