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Solar is part of Australia’s new energy ecosystem. When you go solar, you have the power to harness and monitor renewable energy. As well as that you are contributing to a growing network of panels and energy storage technology across the electricity grid.


Just starting Out?

Get started with solar. Or get more from your system. Reliable Power can help you get the best system for your solar needs.


Cost Savings

Installing a solar power system can result in a significant reduction of overall electricity bills.


Repairs & Maintenance

Inverter issues? System not performing as it should? We can check your exisitng system, diagnose any issues and make repairs in line with current regulations.


Solar Batteries

Maximise your solar system or go completely off-grid by adding a solar battery. 

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Reliable Power installed a bank of solar panels to our office roof and in the process significantly reduced our electricty costs. The work was carried out in an efficient and thourough manner and we would recommend Reliable Power for any electrical services.


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